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The value of wedding reception entertainment is often underappreciated. Not everyone will remember the cake’s flavor or the bouquet’s color, but they won’t forget how much fun they had at your party. We all know that music is a popular kind of wedding entertainment. Music can transform a ceremony, create an atmosphere, stir emotions, and inspire spontaneous dance. The mood of your wedding reception may be defined by the entertainment you choose, and the memories made will be treasured forever.


Music has an intrinsic emotional value in everyone’s life and a personal anthem, if you will, is a music that reflects something meaningful in your life. Maybe it was playing when you first saw each other, when you first kissed, when you first danced, or any number of other significant occasions.


To be honest, that song might not be a perfect reflection of how you two really feel. In all likelihood, the tune has been performed at hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings.

Just think how special it will be to have your very own love story sung during your wedding ceremony and first dance in a song that is uniquely yours.


Blue Tempo Productions will take your personal vows and turn them into a beautiful song in the style of your favorite band or singer for your wedding. The ideal wedding tune, if you will.

Wedding Music:

No matter how small the guest list is, a wedding ceremony is always a joyous occasion. A huge part of what makes weddings so spectacular and full of happiness is the music played. Whatever group is responsible for the ambient music. The music played during a wedding is the one constant that transcends cultural boundaries and traditional practices. The music you choose for your wedding ceremonies will significantly impact the mood and atmosphere of the day.


Your special, one-of-a-kind nuptial ceremony will be memorialized in a memorable, original song that may be played at the reception, played as the background music to a stunning digital photo slideshow, or used in any number of other creative ways.

Why do you need professional musicians?

The music at your event may either make or destroy the atmosphere. That’s why you need a music band with skilled music composers/producers and with extensive training and experience to help you plan the reception’s entertainment. A skilled musician knows that each party or gathering has its unique vibe and can adapt by reading the crowd and selecting songs accordingly.


Blue Tempo Productions was founded on the belief that live music has the power to create unforgettable moments for its audience. And we take our responsibility seriously to facilitate a pleasurable and easy experience when hiring us to write the perfect music for you. We work with handpicked bands and artists who share our philosophy that excellent performance and service go hand in hand.


Finding and marrying your soul mate is a monumental life event, and we offer specialized songs for both the engagement party and the subsequent celebration of an anniversary when you’ve settled into wedded bliss and want to express your deep appreciation for one another. You can call us at any point in your relationship to find out what type of incredible song we could make for you to express your feelings to each other through music.

Why choose us?

The event kinds that Blue Tempo Productions perform for are endless. You can trust our b̶a̶n̶d̶s̶ expertise a̶n̶d̶ ̶u̶s̶ to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and to deliver a performance that your guests will never forget.


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To help couples find the most meaningful song to accompany their nuptials, Blue Tempo Productions was founded. It is our mission to facilitate the creation of miracles. If you’re getting married, we can write a song incorporating the two of you and your feelings about the big day.


Professional recording artists and songwriters will walk you through eloquently articulating your thoughts and weaving those expressions into the development of the perfect wedding song for your wedding celebration, all in the style of your favorite love song. Your wedding song can serve multiple purposes:


  • As a keepsake to commemorate your special day
  • As a thank you to your guests
  • As the background music to your stunning digital photo slideshow.