Boho-Style Wedding Accessories and Décor for the best wedding Planning

Boho-Style Wedding Accessories and Décor for the best wedding Planning

The boho, or bohemian, style has gained immense popularity in the wedding world. With its free-spirited and whimsical charm, it brings a sense of organic beauty and effortless elegance to any wedding celebration. If you’re planning a boho-style wedding, here are some fabulous accessories and décor ideas to enhance the bohemian vibe of your special day.

Wedding Accessories

Flower Crowns

A staple of boho weddings, flower crowns add a touch of ethereal beauty to the bridal look. Opt for a crown made of wildflowers, delicate blooms, or lush greenery, depending on your personal style and wedding color palette.

Vintage Jewelry

Incorporate vintage-inspired jewelry pieces like layered necklaces, dangling earrings, or a statement bracelet. Look for designs featuring natural stones, feathers, or intricate metalwork to capture the bohemian spirit.

Lace Barefoot Sandals

If you’re having a beach or outdoor wedding, lace barefoot sandals are a perfect boho accessory. These delicate lace anklets adorned with beads or charms can be worn without shoes, adding a bohemian flair to your bridal ensemble.

Macramé Veil

Swap the traditional tulle veil for a boho-chic macramé veil. Intricate macramé patterns and fringe details will create a unique and romantic look that perfectly complements a bohemian wedding theme.

Dreamcatcher Bouquet Wrap

Give your bridal bouquet a boho twist by wrapping it with a dreamcatcher. This alternative bouquet wrap adds a touch of whimsy and serves as a meaningful talisman to catch all the good vibes on your wedding day.

Wedding Décor

Eclectic Seating

Create a laid-back and cozy atmosphere by mixing and matching vintage chairs, colorful floor cushions, or rustic benches. Incorporate mismatched patterns, textures, and fabrics to achieve a boho-inspired seating area for your guests.

Teepee Lounge

Set up a teepee lounge area as a cozy retreat for your guests to relax and mingle. Fill it with plush pillows, blankets, and fairy lights for a magical ambience that captures the bohemian spirit.

Macramé Backdrops

Adorn your ceremony or reception space with macramé backdrops. These intricate handmade wall hangings or curtains add texture, visual interest, and a touch of boho charm to any venue.

Hanging Plant Installations

Embrace nature and incorporate hanging plant installations throughout your wedding venue. Hang terrariums, macramé plant holders, or cascading vines from arches, ceilings, or trees to bring a fresh and organic feel to the space.

Tablescapes with Natural Elements

Create boho-inspired tablescapes by combining natural elements such as wooden chargers, textured linens, vintage glassware, and lush greenery. Add votive candles or fairy lights for a warm and intimate glow.


Boho-style wedding accessories and wedding décor are all about embracing a carefree and organic aesthetic. From flower crowns and vintage jewelry to macramé veils and dreamcatcher bouquet wraps, there are countless ways to infuse the bohemian spirit into your wedding day. With eclectic seating, teepee lounges, macramé backdrops, hanging plant installations, and nature-inspired tablescapes, you can create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. Let your creativity run wild and have fun designing a boho wedding celebration that reflects your unique love story.