The best way to preserve your wedding dress

preserve your wedding dress

At $1,500 on average, your wedding gown may be the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever bought, not to mention the only physical memento of your big day. It’s only right that the perfect dress gets the happily ever after it deserves through proper wedding dress preservation after you’ve spent a significant amount of money (and countless hours) on it.


The choices for today’s brides are many. Some people decide to give away or sell their wedding dresses once they have fulfilled their purpose, while others find creative ways for wedding gown preservation. “Trash” photoshoots are becoming more popular. In contrast, many emotional women want to keep their wedding gown since it reflects the joy, love, and celebration they had on their wedding day.

How to store your wedding dress

Most women want to preserve their bridesmaid dresses with sleeves to safeguard their investment. It doesn’t matter if their daughters don’t want to wear it again or if they don’t have any daughters of their own; some of the gown’s parts may be preserved and handed down to future generations. With the right care, you can keep your garment from fading, permanent creases, mildew and mold, oxidation spots, light, and dust from harming it.


In any case, you’ll need to put together a dress box of some kind if you’re cleaning or picking up your gown on your own. Tissue paper and the box must be free of acid and lignin. This will help keep your clothing from becoming yellow as it ages. Professional wedding dress cleaners can help you preserve and store your gown.


For wedding dress preservation Chicago get help from professionals. They often remove stains, perform minor repairs, press or steam the garment, and wrap it in acid-free tissue before archiving it. For the most part, there are two ways to preserve items:

·        Sealing

Some firms opt to vacuum seal the bridal dress before placing it in an acid-free box for long-term preservation. This practice is discouraged by many museum conservators since it increases the growth of mold and mildew, permanently wrinkles the fabric, and prevents you from checking your gown regularly.

·        Boxing

Acid-free tissue is used to preserve your garment from permanent wrinkles while it is still folded and stored in an acid-free box (this tissue should be white any colored paper risks bleeding into the dress). Because the box isn’t completely shut, the cloth within can still breathes, allowing you to take it out to check on it and refold it as needed. If possible, use boxes constructed of the true acid-free board rather than boxes coated in an acid-free layer.