The reasons why you need a second wedding photographer

second wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as you plan your big day. Nobody wants to relive their wedding day with regret. As a result, you must start putting your plans together as soon as possible. This is one of the most prevalent reasons for having more than one photographer during a wedding.


There are two types of wedding photographers: the primary one, who is hired for the main role as photographer and secondary those who work alongside him or her on the big day to capture all the special moments from a range of perspectives and locations.


To make an informed decision, here are some of the reasons you should employ a second photographer on your wedding day.

·        The second photographer can work as an assistant:

It is essential to remember that not all second photographers are responsible for the same tasks. Some wedding photographers choose to work with an assistant rather than bringing along a second photographer. Assisting with the assembly of photographic gear may be one of the jobs that fall under the purview of these assistants in certain circumstances. When the scenario calls for additional photos, the main photographer might ask the assistant photographer to take those photos for them.

·        Multiple visions:

Each photographer has his unique perspective on the world around him, and the same can be said of each other’s work in photography Baton Rouge. Having two photographers on your wedding day means you have two distinct creative perspectives and two different creative eyes to look at your wedding photos. Give yourself a better opportunity each time you picture with another photographer. Incorporating various artistic approaches results in a more complete and imaginative record of your wedding day.

·        More photos of your guests & details:

It can be difficult to acquire nice photographs of your guests and the various details you’ve set up when the leading photographer is dedicated to capturing you and the most important aspects of your day on your wedding day. It is possible to have a second photographer join your cocktail hour and take beautiful photographs of your guests while the primary photographer is with you taking family portraits. Before the meal begins, they can sneak into the reception area and snap some photos there. Having a second photographer on hand will allow you to capture more candid shots of your guests and the reception decor.

·        One photographer can’t get everything:

To help you remember your special day for years to come, wedding photographers are obsessed with capturing all of the little things. This includes everything from your reception centerpieces and guestbook to your kid cousin’s pre-ceremony games in your garden.


Having two photographers ensures that no detail is overlooked. You can have two photographers on hand for your big day, one taking pictures of your ceremony or venue while the other waits outside to capture your arrival at the location. In other words, if two people are involved, you’ll have a complete record of your wedding day.

·        The second shooter might speed up your reception photography

Having a second photographer is a godsend for huge wedding parties or large families! Having two photographers on hand will allow you to get to your wedding celebration sooner! They can assist in locating family members and keeping track of which photos have been taken and which ones are still to be taken. The second photographer also aids in lining up and posing for huge groups of people.


Having a second photographer on hand ensures that your family formals are flawless, as they can check for things like hair bands on women’s wrists, sunglasses on men, and zippers and collars on women’s dresses. Composition, posture, and having everyone look their best are now much easier.