Things a wedding videographer must avoid

Things a wedding videographer must avoid

The most important day of your life deserves to be preserved in images and videos. Therefore, it is an aspect of the wedding that requires special care. The significance of careful preparation for the wedding photographs and video cannot be overstated. Only then can a couple look back on their wedding moments and be teleported to that particular day.


Here are a few of the common videography mistakes a wedding videographer should avoid:

Always meet the couple before planning anything:

If a videographer doesn’t get to know the couple before the event, they can be disappointed with the results. Although you may be a skilled artist, no matter how hard you attempt to make them feel comfortable, their awkwardness around you will show in the resulting video, no matter how good your work is.


A couple love to have a videographer with whom they get along and feel relaxed. They even share some entertaining ideas for videos you may not want as a videographer. If a couple feels like they’re talking to an old friend, their wedding video can be taken in a more relaxed, natural, and joyful tone. You’ll get the greatest shots of the day when relaxed and having a good time.

Make a list of particular video shots

Couples choose their wedding videographer based on style, comfort, and trust. Being a videographer, you must know if your client wants family moments, mum and bride shots, etc., but keep everything on them as they hire you because they trust you and adore your style.


Build their trust and record moments they never even considered or expected. Try to record unique moments to tell your couple’s best fairytale wedding story.

Never shoot alone and use videography-specific jargon

Teamwork is essential in wedding videography. For the ceremony, it would be wise to employ a second videographer. However, consult the wedding coordinator for assistance if you are the only videographer.


In addition, while you may be well-versed in videography, your client will likely need to be more knowledgeable. They need you to have a quality wedding video, though. Use straightforward language when describing your requirements. You and your client’s communication could be hampered by using videography jargon.