Tips for couples to get ready for candid wedding photography

candid wedding photography

Candid photography is pictures of an unknowing person in an un-posed, natural setting. Candid wedding photography places a greater emphasis on storytelling. Photographers in the “candid” style often blend genres in their works. It redefines what it means to take a natural shot during a wedding.


A candid photographer’s pursuit of the perfect shot is never-ending. They will have to walk a lot to get the best possible vantage point. Sometimes they must keep their distance and use a long lens to get the shot.


In this post professional wedding photographer from Surrey Wedding Photography is sharing a few beneficial pieces of advice for engaged couples on how to get the best candid shots on their big day:

·         Your photographer must have to know about any surprises!

Candid photography focuses on snapshots of life as it naturally unfolds, with all its quirks and surprises. Always inform your photographer about the unexpected events you think may take place during the entire event. Being at the right place at the right time becomes more likely. If your photographer is prepared for those fleeting moments, they will be captured in all their glory.

·         Maintain composure and a positive outlook!

Photographers often sit and wait for the perfect moment to capture the image they have seen in their minds. Time constraints are the worst for wedding photojournalism. However, people cannot relax and be themselves in social interactions when time constraints are present.


A professional photographer always waits for the right moment. Of course, candid photography is a slow process. The most excellent candid shots are captured amid the chaos of preparations, the procession from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, the mingling of guests, the delivery of speeches, and the playing of games.

·         It’s your day. Live it at its peak!

You must have a good time on your wedding day. Many couples are shocked by how rapidly the highs and lows of romance fade. Successful present-moment living requires careful planning in advance. Things will go wrong whether or not you have a schedule. The difficulty is adjusting to new circumstances and being as ready as possible.


Forget about the past worries of wedding planning, and don’t impose the future honeymoon planning on your mind. Feel the love around you and try to get lost in the present to live the moments genuinely.

·         Ignore the camera, as it’s your photographer’s responsibility!

Possibly it is the most challenging part for couples! Every one of us has been taught to pause in front of the camera. You should pretend it’s not there if there is a camera. Even though it’s tough, try to ignore that you’re being photographed. Just ignore them and have the photographer blend in with the crowd. It will be challenging at first, but you’ll get used to it. It’s less complicated when the drinks keep coming.


Having a sense of touch is lovely. Poker-faced couples and guests provide the biggest challenge for wedding videographers. If you aren’t naturally gregarious, it’s still essential to make an effort to enjoy the little things in life. In the end, its genuine expressions of joy, sadness, and everything in between will make for the most beautiful candid photographs.