Tips to arrange a micro wedding with flowers

Many couples have planned mini weddings during the hard times of a pandemic. It promoted the concept of micro weddings, and it has now become a trend to celebrate happy moment’s limited number of guests. Micro weddings are much like conventional weddings, but on a much smaller scale, with the same number of providers and attendees.


Many events only have 20-40 attendees, not the usual 200. Small weddings allow couples to invest more in their wedding décor, especially flowers. Small weddings create more space for flowers to be a more prominent part of a wedding.


Wood flowers are emerging as a wonderful wedding bloom option that promotes more creativity in wedding floral décor.


Here are the top 5 tips for using sola wood flowers as an essential part of micro weddings:

·         Use durable floral options:

The majority of micro weddings take place outside. If you choose hardy varieties, fresh flowers, such as roses or lilies, stay longer and need less upkeep than more delicate flowers. If your wedding is taking place in a very hot or cold environment, you may want to consider using wood flowers.

·         Stabilize your venue’s atmosphere:

It’s all about ingenuity with little weddings!

No matter what kind of decor you choose, the venue where your ceremony will take place has to draw attention to you so that you may be the star of the show.


All of your mid-vows images should be framed with huge, semi-symmetrical decor. Think tall floral arrangements rather than broad in terms of decor. It’s the best value for money if you’re on a tight budget, and it looks better proportioned to the room.

·         Make unconventional centerpieces for your event:

Anything is allowed during a non-traditional event, such as a mini wedding! If you don’t like it, the centerpiece isn’t something you need to stick to. You may use citrus fruit, pinecones and other natural components like old bottles and candles, or mix them with blooms for an even more gorgeous effect.

·         Add corsages and boutonnieres as a must part of the wedding:

Even if you don’t have a bridal party, you may still commemorate individuals you care about by purchasing corsages and boutonnieres. They’re a tiny investment that pays dividends. Giving a corsage made of sola wood flowers to a loved one or pinning a wooden bloom corsage on a parent before they lead you down the aisle is a simple way to demonstrate how much you care.

·         Reuse your wedding flowers to decorate your reception:

In contrast to large, crowded affairs with frantic schedules, micro weddings are intimate affairs with fewer guests. Once the ceremony is over, you’ll have plenty of time to shift the décor to another location so your flowers may serve a dual purpose.


Use your ceremony anchors during your reception to create a gorgeous picture area, or set them behind the bride and groom as they eat to create stunning images. After the wedding, put the bridesmaids’ flowers in vases to serve as centerpieces.


Disassemble the wedding bouquet and place a single flower on each napkin or a tiny cluster in a vase on each table. Place the arrangement in a striking vase in the middle of your biggest table to preserve it intact.