Top Five Biggest Trends in Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses

Multiple Dresses
Can’t decide on a single dress? Wear them all! More and more brides are changing out of their ceremony gown and into a less formal reception dress. Some even change a third time before they leave the reception. This is a surefire way to remain comfortable and to get some awesome photos in a variety of outfits. Even better, this gives you an excuse to load up on lots of different jewelry and shoes.

The wedding runways were covered in embellished dresses this year. From rhinestones to embroidery, there’s almost no option that won’t put you on-trend. For a standout look, try a sheer back embellished with rhinestone or lace accents.

Wedding dresses are no longer all about white. The most daring brides are wearing gowns in pink, beige, red, and even black. If you’re the traditional type, though, you don’t have to skip out on this trend altogether. Try adding a pop of color to an otherwise white dress by incorporating a pink sash, a black belt, or red jewelry.

Lace is a perennial wedding favorite that is virtually guaranteed to never go out of style. This season, gowns are covered from head to toe in lace. If you prefer something a little less formal, try adding a lace belt or opting for a dress with a pop of lace at the bust-line or along the back.

Mermaid Silhouettes
Gone are the days of ballgowns and body-conscious gowns. This season it’s all about the mermaid silhouette, with a fitted bodice and a flowing hemline – with or without a train. This style is flattering on everyone, and is a great way to conceal your least favorite features. If you’re self-conscious about your body, choose a gown with lots of folds and layers, but if you’re more of a show off, stick with simple lines to accent your gorgeous body.

Of course, the most important thing to remember is that your wedding photos will outlive any current wedding trends, so don’t go too over the top. Instead, focus on choosing something you love that makes you feel good about yourself. Confidence and a glowing smile will always look stunning in wedding day photos.