5 Interesting Wedding Theme Décor Ideas

Interesting Wedding Theme Décor Ideas

Wedding décor is one of the significant parts of wedding planning. Decorating the reception hall with fresh and vibrant flowers becomes a gala for the eyes. If you want to pick your wedding theme and colors, the choices are unending.

There are many themes to browse. You can also make your own unique theme, and for that, you can get your needed décor items from Holyart. Below are some wedding theme ideas you can try:

  1. Seasonal Wedding Themes

Each season offers an abundance of decoration ideas and theme choices. Spring and fall wedding flowers have colossal measures of wonderful blooms that can make a theme inside themselves.

Then, summer at the ocean side and an open-air garden are only two of the numerous choices. The colder time of year is also known for occasions, and you can go for a red theme for your wedding function.

  1. Royal Wedding Theme

Use lights and ceiling canopies to change any room into a great royal residence for your wedding function. Such a theme softens the environment and the lighting of a room. It might be possible for the most formal and the most relaxed wedding gathering.

You can also arrange a very casual wedding with hunters camouflage as your theme. If your life partner is a hunter, he will probably have a ton of what you want for decorations. You can find many wedding things in camo, for example, vests for tuxedos, ring pads, and visitor books.

  1. Western Decor Theme

Another fun and casual theme is country-western or even cowboy western. Pick an open field or even barn with a western stylistic layout, for example, horse seats and bridals, and so on.

Set hay bales around for seating, and everybody can wear their western clothing. Have a BBQ gathering right there in the barn.

  1. Vintage Decor Theme

Vintage weddings are another extraordinary subject. Pick a period from the Victorian age, the thundering 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc. Shop your wedding dresses from vintage apparel stores.

This can be a tomfoolery wedding subject, and wedding decorations can be fitting with the times.

  1. Place Cards Theme

Place cards can be utilized for more than a functional purpose. Extraordinary designs and also versatile place card holders can be utilized to decorate the tables and be the wedding favor. Use a perfectly beaded gold place card holder for a conventional wedding or a flip flop or a starfish place cardholder for an Oceanside wedding.

For a fall wedding, select an exemplary maple leaf place holder or pin the name card to a new pear with a wedding theme of “the ideal pear.” Use place card plans that mirror your fashion awareness and make an enduring impression on your visitors.

Concluding Lines:

Above were some of the best themes that can make your wedding décor more unique and entertaining.