Tips to take care of fresh-cut flowers

take care of fresh-cut flowers

Fresh flowers are just irresistible. In addition to brightening up a space, they’re a wonderful present for someone you care about or even yourself. There is nothing better than a fresh bouquet of local flowers or a vase full of eternal blooms, so make the most of them while you can!


If you don’t take adequate care of your fresh-cut flowers, they may droop and die before their time. Florists Shrewsbury is sharing a few tips to find out how to maintain your flowers in peak condition.

·         Choosing the right place for your blooms:

Keep your flowers away from direct sunshine! The sun’s rays might damage your flowers and their petals dried. Ensure your flowers aren’t in direct sunlight or near fans to prevent wilting.

·         Trim the stems of your flower:

Trimming the tips of your stems after delivery is advised since they will be drier than usual and may not be able to suck up all the water. Your flowers’ ability to drink will improve dramatically after a fast haircut. 1cm of stems, angled at a 45-degree angle, should be trimmed.

·         Change the water regularly:

Keep your flowers looking their best by changing the water every 2-3 days!

·         Pick the right vase:

You’ll need a vase big enough to contain and support your blooms. To prevent germs from harming your flowers, ensure they’ve been well cleaned with soap and water.

·         Give them some water!

If you buy flowers from a florist, you may not see them for a time when you want to give your flowers a lift and give them some new water.

·         Take care of your roses:

If you’ve purchased roses, remove the “guard petals”—these outer petals are designed to prevent the rose from being damaged. Its fine to remove the guard petals now that your roses have arrived home since this will give them a new appearance and stop the flower from transmitting energy to these petals. Grip the bottom of each guard petal and pull slightly to remove it.

·         Tight bud:

When you buy your flowers, ensure they’re in the “tight bud” stage, so you can watch them grow into beautiful blossoms. The longer you can appreciate the blossoms and the change that has taken place, the better.