A low budget wedding photography by Blue Ventures

A low budget wedding photography by Blue Ventures

Wedding photography is the real headache for almost every bride, especially when running with a very limited budget. Brides always remain concerned about their wedding photographer, and when it is the first time, it’s an overwhelming kind of experience.

When I struggled with my limited wedding photography budget, “Blue Ventures” photographer appeared as my ultimate helper. My experience with Blue venture¬†was simply exceptional. They were very attentive and interested with not just us but our family & friends as well. They went above and beyond to make sure we were delighted with how everything was.

My wedding was full of DIY’s, and my creative nature helped me a lot to overcome my meagre budget weaknesses. Much time and effort were spent on the wedding’s decorations and other elements. These aspects were essential to re-creating the event, from the bride’s jewellery to the wedding cake. While most of my wedding images focused on the individuals, they also paid much attention to the ambience. A thoughtful extra from their end made me smile the most.

It was the only request I had given to them, and it was for my images to have a soft, dreamlike quality. Because direct sunlight may generate harsh shadows no matter how much dispersion is utilized, it was a difficult task during the summer months.

It was, nevertheless, a better idea to do our couple picture session in the evening. The impression was enhanced by adding items such as fairy lights and lanterns.

Choosing the correct lighting for the evening phase of the wedding was also critical to capturing the party vibe. The interior of the arena became lighter as the sunset. My wedding picture book utilized bouncing light and supplied me with fascinating images.

Unlike any other company, Blue Ventures cares about the quality of every one of its goods. Aside from the amazing images they were able to capture, they were able to assist us in making the most of every square inch of our location.