Smart wedding planning with Wedding Planning Assistant

Wedding Planning Assistant

Everything from arranging vacations, buying clothes to household items and electrical appliances, comparing insurance policies to managing money and retouching images is now done online. In this technology era, when everything is getting digital, it’s the perfect time to switch to online wedding planning as well!


This contemporary technology helps us save time and streamlines the wedding planning process, couples-to-be and wedding vendors all for it. When it comes to planning a wedding, a large majority of newly engaged couples use the internet. Going digital with your wedding preparation has never been simpler, thanks to many useful wedding planning platforms like “Wedding Planning Assistant”.

Wedding Planning Assistant – a better version of wedding planning websites!

In the list of greatest online wedding planning tools for wedding vendors and today’s couples, “Wedding Planning Assistant” is a refreshing addition. It includes everything from Budget calculators to event itineraries, Guest-list, RSVPs, venue organizations, ceremony layout, Reception organization, decorating menu, Floor plan-making, and much more.


With a full collection of tools, this site is an all in one solution to organize a wedding from beginning to end. It is completely free to use and provide a proper checklist to help you figure out what and how you need to do everything. The great thing about this tool is that it has two versions to use:

  • One for couple/wedding planner that includes complete wedding plan and sun-divides it to individual tasks.
  • Another is for wedding vendors to facilitate them in the booking process.

“Wedding Planning Assistant” is there for you for everything you need to plan your wedding, from deciding on a theme to setting a spending limit, which is right here, all in one place. Aside from the obvious post-wedding activities (such as renaming yourself and conserving your wedding gown), there are many more options to consider. The essential element of your wedding is committing yourself to your spouse, not to the burden of planning such a significant occasion.