Chicago Wedding Venues: Chicago Has The Perfect Venue For Every Bride

chicago wedding venue
“And each time I roam, Chicago is Calling me home, Chicago is
Why I just grin like a clown
It’s my kind of town”
– Frank Sinatra

If you identify with Sinatra’s sentiments for Chicago, then you’d be thrilled to have a wedding in one of its beautiful nook and corners, some still undiscovered. From the beaches to the various culturally-laced venues, a destination Chicago wedding will be your ticket to that fairytale or non-traditional wedding you always envisioned.

Since Chicago has a couple of beautiful beaches and lakefronts, most couple fly down for a beach-themed wedding. Depending on the budget, which by the way really varies, you can go for as extravagant or as intimate as you want.

Loyola Park– For the unadulterated beach wedding fun, Loyola Park offers a beach backdrop and ample greenery in the foreground, what’s not to love!

Promontory Point– For those who do not really see this to be a wedding venue, must take a pause and consider. Against the backdrop of the famed Chicago skyline and amidst architecture that boats of a cultural heritage decades old, Promontory Point is worth considering if you want an outdoorsy wedding. 

The Ivy Room– Speaking of outdoorsy, if you are the kind of nature rambler bride, the Ivy Room is unarguably the perfectly apt wedding venue for you. With wines sprawling gigantic walls and greenery covering every ally, the Ivy Room makes for a serene and picturesque venue.

Loft on Lake- Want a trendy wedding and staff that will really take the burden off your bridezilla shoulders, go for Loft on Lake. The beautiful brazen architectural appeal and the liberty to get the décor the way you want with the creative edge it offers makes this one a great wedding destination.

Aeree Loft– Room 1520 is a stunning wedding destination with a carpet area extending 4000 sq feet and the ceilings adorned with 17 dazzling Italian chandeliers. The loft offers ample space not just for your guests but also the bride, with a separate 650 sq feet bridal room.

Gallery 1028– Another loft-like wedding destination, Gallery 1028 might not be your quintessential wedding venue from the outside, but once you cross the threshold, you’d be surprised by the aesthetic flair. With a brick-exposing ceiling and wooden floors, this venue embodies and exudes a vintage feel.

The Buckingham Fountain– What better than holding your wedding at one of the main attractions in Chicago? The stunning backdrop and the outdoor feel cuts down heavily on the need for lavish décor. Definitely go for it if you want an evening reception against the backdrop of a stunningly lit fountain and the Michigan skyline.

Chicago Cultural Centre- Is your other half more culturally-inclined? Just like every bookworm would love to get married in a library amidst stacks of classics, an art and cultural enthusiast would fall for the Chicago Culture Centre. Not to mention the Chicago Reader voted this “the best place to get married”.

Winter Garden- If you want your wedding to be in a beautiful bubble uninterrupted by the city life, head over to the Winter Garden at the Harold Washington Library. The spacious courtyard-like place is situated on the 9th floor and is replete with glass ceiling to offer a breathtaking view of the city.

The Old St. Patrick’s Church- In steps with a traditional church wedding with a twist, the Old St. Patrick’s Church is a beautiful church to get married in. The church also helps couples by offering volunteer wedding assistants.

Meyer’s Castle– If you grew up dreaming princess dreams of being rescued by a handsome knight in shining armour, choose the Meyer’s Castle for a lavish wedding that would be the talk of the month for your family and friends.

The Hilton Hotel Chicago- A no-hassles luxurious wedding venue. You can choose from an array of rooms or if you want to indulge, go for the Grand Ballroom.

For couples looking to tie the knot in Chicago, these are some of the best options suiting every budget.