Wedding Trends: The Latest and Greatest

wedding trends

Trends are inevitably the source of thousands of eye-rolls and millions of embarrassing pictures. But trends also unite a generation, make it easier to choose wedding styles, and give a clear aesthetic to your wedding day photos. This season’s wedding trends are clean, crisp, and distinctly feminine.

Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage everything has been big for several seasons. The key to a successful vintage wedding is to pick an era and stick with it, rather than cherry picking elements from every fashion era. If you love the 1960s, try embracing a mod aesthetic, but if the 1980s are more your style, don’t be afraid to go big, glamorous, and a little over the top.

Woodland Weddings

In the endless quest for glamorous weddings, there’s been some pushback. Brides no longer demand the best of everything. Instead, they’re turning toward low-key, woodland-inspired weddings. Capitalize on this theme by wearing flowers in your hair, keeping your decor rustic, and giving your guests mason jars instead of wine glasses. For an even more rustic wedding, do a phone check at the door to keep guests from texting and taking calls during your nuptials.


Like vintage themes but not ready to put your fiance in suspenders and go full-stop vintage? You can compromise. Pastel color tones are bigger than big this season. Grayish purples and grapes are also making a comeback, and are the perfect complement to pastel pink, yellow, or blue. Try putting your bridesmaids in alternating dress colors, or use a pastel as an accent to your own dress.

The Neutral Palette

If you feel overwhelmed by picking colors and unhinged by bright hues everywhere, there’s a palette for that. Neutral palettes have made a big comeback this season. Try covering everything in beige, white, gray, or even forest green. The end result is a sedate, clean, modern-looking wedding that can’t offend even the most persnickety of tastes.