Great Proposal: Five Tips for a Great Proposal

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Almost everyone knows that a proposal needs to be romantic, but romance is anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition. To you, a proposal in a baseball stadium might be the most romantic gesture imaginable, but such a proposal could be a nightmare for your bride-to-be. If you want to get the most out of your proposal, you can’t go wrong with these five tried-and-true strategies.


Let Your Girlfriend’s Personality Guide You

There’s no surefire, one-size-fits-all recipe for the perfect proposal. Instead, you’ll have to let your girlfriend’s personality guide you – and maybe do a little digging by asking her friends. Some women relish the idea of a very public proposal, while others can’t stand the thought. Try to incorporate something that has some emotional weight to both of you. For example, you might propose at the site of your first date.


Ensure You Have Time and Privacy

Your proposal should not be rushed, and there should not be people looking over your shoulder. Plan the location where you’ll pop the question, and ensure there’s plenty of time to relax. You’ll probably want to spend a few quiet moments together after she says yes, too, so steer clear of high-traffic areas.


Practice What You’re Going to Say

This is a high-pressure moment, and you’ll likely be incredibly anxious as you drop to one knee. Save yourself some embarrassment and practice what you’re going to say before you get tongue-tied. If you have a rough idea in your head, you’ll feel more confident. You might even consider writing it down, then consulting your notes a few moments before the proposal.


Try to Get a Photo

In a world dominated by Instagram and Facebook, many women document every second of their lives. If at all possible, find a way to get a photo. You might have a friend surreptitiously follow you, or secretly hide a camera set up to go off with the push of a button. Even if the photo’s a little strange looking, you’ll treasure it forever.


Be Ready to Tell Everyone

Your engagement is no small achievement; it represents a lifetime commitment and lots of effort spent on creating a strong relationship. Be prepared for your new fiance to want to tell everyone in the world. Share in her joy, rather than getting self-conscious and anxious. Broadcast your engagement on Facebook, and don’t forget to call your parents to share your excitement with them.


Your engagement can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments of your life, but don’t skip out on planning. Make this moment special, and your girlfriend will remember it long after she’s become your wife.