Five Keys for Picking the Right Ceremony and Reception Venue in 2021


When you envision the wedding of your dreams, fighting with your wedding venue probably doesn’t have a place in your vision. If you don’t invest some effort into choosing the right venue, though, you could have a wedding day disaster. No matter how beautiful a location is, it won’t work if it doesn’t accommodate your specific needs. To get the most out of your big day, be sure and follow these five key tips.

Visit the Location

No matter how picturesque a location may appear on its website, you need to see what it looks like up close and personal. Walk around the entire venue, not just the ceremony and reception site. You need to know what your guests will see when they park, and you’ll have to ensure there’s plenty of parking, that the walk to the site isn’t too long, and that the venue is relatively easy to find. Otherwise you may end up with missing guests.


Choose a Place Because of Its Meaning

It’s not always possible to choose a place that has some special meaning to you, but if you can, you should. Opt for a location with a rich history, or choose one that reflects your values and hobbies as a couple. The end result will be a more comfortable, welcoming wedding.


Get Excellent Customer Service

No matter how beautiful the venue is or how fair the price, you will be absolutely miserable if you don’t get good customer service. No one wants to get into a yelling match on their wedding day. Meet and chat with the people with whom you’ll be working. If you get a bad vibe, move on. There are dozens of wedding venues out there, and no location that offers poor service deserves your business.


Ask About the Contract

It might seem wholly unromantic, but your contract dictates everything from how much you pay to how long you can stay at the wedding site. It doesn’t matter what the owner of the venue tells you; the contract is your one-stop shop for accurate information, and you should read it thoroughly. If you disagree with or don’t understand something, ask questions and request a change before you sign on the dotted line.


Talk to Your Vendors About the Venue

If your vendors have been in the wedding business very long, odds are good that they’ve worked at your venue before. They can give you the low-down on the quality of service and may even have some tips for making the most of your day. If your vendors aren’t familiar with the venue, you might want to ask them to visit before the big day. This is particularly important with photographers, who may need to plan their photoshoots in advance.


Most importantly, take your time. You’ll only make this decision once, so it warrants some careful consideration. You might be eager to celebrate your engagement, but as your wedding day draws near, you’ll be glad you invested the time to choose the right venue.