Tips for a Memorable Wedding Day Menu


As you walk down the aisle, you probably won’t give a second thought to eating, and you may be so busy during your reception that you never down even a single bite. But for your guests, your wedding is as much about the food as anything else. Don’t leave them disappointed.


Don’t Forget the BoozeNo matter what your stance is on drinking, most people feel that a wedding isn’t a real party without a little bit of liquor. Don’t skimp on the alcohol. If you’re concerned about guests getting drunk, you can stick to just wine and beer, but a spirit-free wedding is, for many guests, no fun at all.

Serve Enough FoodEven if your budget is tiny, you need to ensure not only that you have enough food for every guest, but enough to make a meal. No one wants to sit through a five-hour ceremony and reception and starve, and if there’s not enough food your guests may leave early. Ask your catering company how much food you really need, then follow the advice you get.

Offer Some VarietyYou might love pulled pork or oysters, but you might have vegetarian guests or attendees with food sensitivities. Offer a variety of foods. Of course, you don’t have to make a special meal for anyone – and a guest who asks you to do so is being rude – but you should ensure that even picky eaters have a few offerings to choose from.

Taste the Food BeforehandIt’s increasingly common for venues to offer food as a part of their package, and for caterers to highlight their decorating skills rather than their fabulous cuisine. No matter how good the food looks or how great the reviews are, you need to taste the food before you sign the contract. A vendor who won’t let you do this isn’t confident about the quality of his food, and that means you need to pick someone else.

Make it Beautiful Sure, food is made to be eaten. But weddings are supposed to be beautiful. If you have to choose between two caterers, select the one who offers beautiful food. It shows an attention to detail that means nothing will be neglected, and the gorgeous food offerings will leave your guests oohing and aahing. Beautiful food also provides a prime target for luscious photos.