Major factors that impact your wedding photography cost

Major factors that impact your wedding photography cost

Choosing the proper wedding photographer is quite crucial. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your big day, here’s a glance at what you may expect to spend. In most cases, a wedding photographer is the third vendor a newlywed couple hires.


Couples want a photographer who knows how to capture the ideal moments. Almost 95% of couples think that a picture gallery is the most significant thing they look for when selecting a wedding photographer.

How much do wedding photographers charge for their services?

When it comes to wedding photography costs, most people know that costs for photographers vary widely based on their degree of expertise. If there are a couple of desires for certain wedding photography, this pricing will vary.


If you hire a fresh photographer, expect to pay $500-$1500, while a professional would price $1000-2500. Experienced and reputed professionals may charge around $2500 to $10,000. Affordable wedding photographers in Tampa, FL usually starts their packages from $500.

Factors affecting the overall cost of wedding photography:

Here are three major factors that influence wedding photography costs to help you avoid a nasty awakening or undervalue your wedding photos:

1.      The package you choose:

Understanding the different bundles can save you a lot of heartaches. It is advised to know the details of various wedding photography packages.


  • How many photos?
  • Will they be printed or digital?
  • Want an album or not?
  • How long does the bundle run?
  • How highly edited and digitally altered are the photos?


Getting answers for all these details will help you budget and track your spending. It is necessary to mention that you’re not just paying them to shoot your photos here. You’re also paying for the photographer’s time.

2.      Keep your budget in mind:

Wedding photography often consumes at least 10-15% of your wedding expense. You should spend money on your wedding photographs if you want the best. If you need more imaginative photographs, it is necessary to increase the budget.

3.      Your photography style:

 Couples choose several wedding picture styles based on their personality and what they want to represent. These styles need varying degrees of professionalism. Hence the fees will vary:


  • Traditionally, you and your partner pose for basic photographs.
  • The photojournalism style tells your love tale.
  • A couple may go retro with some professional editing and touch-ups.
  • A wedding kiss picture shoot might be pretty emotional and lovely.
  • A trendy wedding style that captures your wedding gown and accessories.
  • The fine art or portrait style calms you down.