How to choose best stunning wedding photography styles

wedding photography styles

When a couple needs to decide about their wedding photography style, they go through a list of possible matches. During these times, having a distinct wedding photography style is crucial. When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer Ireland, you want to be sure that the photography style you choose will help you have the dream wedding book.

Traditional photography is still popular, but it may not be the style best suits your personality or needs. A lot depends on how much time you have available for photography sessions. Let’s explore a few more ways of wedding photography to help you choose your kind of style:

•                     Classic style wedding photography:

Using a documentary approach, the photographer may then convert these fleeting moments into stunning images that offer a sense of reality. Among couples, the traditional style is a popular choice, and you’ll find a lot of photographers doing so. As a result, it is both beautiful and a little overly formal. The basic moments are captured traditionally.

•                     Documentary style wedding photography:

Documentary photography is a perfect option for capturing just the most important parts of your wedding day. Documentary-style shots are less staged than framed images. They catch people’s true feelings and bring the subject back to the same moment they were in.

•                     Dramatic style wedding photography:

Couples that have their nuptials in beautiful locations benefit from dramatic wedding images. Photos with a dramatic tone tend to be more serious and even epic. Awe-inspiring compositions provide for an unforgettable wedding experience.

•                     Romantic style wedding photography:

Romantic photography perfectly encapsulates the joy and love that the couple is experiencing at the time. Most wedding photos may showcase the romantic style, but you can discuss this with your photographer if you want certain compositions to express greater romance.

•                     Creative style wedding photography:

Incorporating the couple’s shared hobbies and eccentricities is a lot of fun. Weddings may be more memorable and distinctive if photographs are taken more creatively and unconventionally!


This means that choosing a wedding photographer boils down to finding someone who complements your visual style and who you are on an emotional level. Your wedding photographer Ireland will do a better job capturing your emotions—your love, pleasure, and stillness—if you have a true relationship with them. You’ll look back on this frenzy in years to come, and you’ll thank yourself over and over again for investing in your images.