Wedding planning – a tough job done by the perfectionists

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Finding the ideal outfit, deciding on a color scheme, selecting your first dance music… Even a modest wedding involves a lot of preparation, so hiring a consultant makes sense.

Many individuals consider wedding planning an ideal job. After all, you’re throwing a large party. But there’s more to it than confetti and tulle. Wedding planners are there to assist you in managing your big day, but their duties might vary considerably.

Budget, RSVPs, venue searching, and keeping the couple happy may be difficult. But there is much more to know about the responsibilities and workload of a wedding planner. An understanding of expectations is critical to a successful collaboration between a wedding planner Chicago and the couple they are working with:

Wedding Planner Responsibilities and Duties:


wedding planning


People imagine that wedding planners’ lives are filled with color schemes and cake tastings, but this is far from the truth. There is a lot of tedious and overwhelming stuff that a wedding planner, especially a destination wedding planner, has to deal with.

Some of the unavoidable tasks can be:

  • Deciding on a wedding theme and sticking with it the whole time.
  • Keeping tabs on all on-site manufacturing and cleaning operations.
  • Analyzing the event’s needs with the bride and groom.
  • Making coordination with suppliers and customers to propose a wedding theme that is suitable for the occasion.
  • Setting up meetings with suppliers to verify that couples get the best possible pricing for their products.
  • Assisting the bride and groom in collecting their dues promptly and then making the required vendor payments.
  • Overseeing the completion of the venue and signing the contract for the rental of the space.
  • Transporting wedding goods and equipment to the event location, determining a customer’s needs, and then executing on them.
  • Developing unique concepts for the wedding ceremony and ensuring that they are correctly implemented.
  • Making a checklist of all the things that couples need to do and ensure they are all checked off.
  • Gathering the necessary data for the project and guaranteeing that all event productions are completed on time and within budget.
  • Planning with caterers, flowers, photographers and the tent crew to ensure everything runs well.


Having to get up early the day after the wedding to sweep the floors, wipe the cutlery, and stack hundreds of chairs is arguably the most challenging aspect of the job. This and so much more Wedding planner Chicago does to make their couples happy and satisfied.